Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oikos "Ecotono" Available March 26th!


The word Ecotono is built from two roots. Eco (oikos/casa) and tono (tonos/ tensión). An ecotono, or ecotone, is a habitat created by the juxtaposition of distinctly different habitats; an edge habitat; or an ecological zone or boundary where two or more ecosystems meet. It is a transition area between two distinct habitats, where the ranges of the organisms in each bordering habitat overlap, and where there are organisms unique to the transition area. An ecotone region provides conditions of both the types of neighboring ecosystems and thus supports a greater variety of life forms. It also has species living exclusively in the ecotone region resulting in very high species diversity.
An analogy for the sound of Oikos. Spanish duo of David San Martín and Rafael Femiano. A diverse cross section of musical elements living in tension. The aggregate revealing more than could be know from each part. Dense guitar magik draped over layers of digital texture. A shimmering and loud work that represents the menacing nature that lies behind the facade of all living things.
Presented in a heavy paper folder with art from Reuben Sawyer at Rainbath Visual and print work from Alan Sherry. The run is split with 200 copies screen printed with black ink on charcoal brown stock and 100 copies with custom-mixed metallic ink on black stock.

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